Mommy knows best…

Back when Courtney was a month old,she  was colicky, gassy and poopy diapers were out of control. The doctor had us switch formulas. It helped some but still felt something wasn’t right. I asked her doctor if she could be sensitive to dairy like me. They kinda laughed it off saying you really don’t see an intolerance at this age and she didn’t have the symptoms of a dairy allergy. I finally on my own decided to switch to Soy formula. It made a world of difference!

Months later when we getting close to 12 months old, the doctor said we could start switching to cow’s milk. I asked if they recommended soy milk. They suggested trying just regular milk because they still didn’t feel she was lactose intolerant. We did regular milk and we really didn’t notice any issues so maybe the doctor was right after all.

Fast forward to now…for a while now, Courtney has struggled with chronic constipation. I would also notice by the end of the day she would be super bloated. I figured it had to do with the constipation. After adding miralax to her diet, the constipation has gotten much better. The bloated stomach did not though. Even went to a GI doctor and he didn’t feel it was an intolerant issue. After many conversations about this with my sister and Courtney’s feeding therapist, I was encouraged to try lactose free milk. So…to the doctor who convinced me Courtney isn’t lactose intolerant…you were wrong! Omg, Just after 2 weeks, the difference in how her belly looks at the end of the day is amazing. I only wish I stuck with my gut feeling when she was a year old.

2 thoughts on “Mommy knows best…

  1. Talk about trusting your instincts. This happened to us too! We figured it out at 15 months, while traveling on vacation for a family wedding. Baby wouldn’t eat, so we resorted to giving her formula (which we had stopped doing), and when her painful symptoms returned we had a lightbulb moment that she was indeed lactose intolerant. That was it! It was dairy. It also explained why she had gotten so sick when we tried “toddler formula” which had a higher concentration of dairy and lactose. You’d think pediatricians and pediatric GI docs would LISTEN a bit better to mom and dad’s instincts and observations.


  2. So well written. You are listening and u did listen. But we are taught to respect education and u listened to those educated in medical issues. Now u have learned to trust yourself! Good job!!!


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