Strawberries and grapes!

An extremely proud mommy moment today. Happy tears were rolling down my face. It’s the little things, it’s the “inch” stones that keep me going. 

As I’ve mentioned before, Courtney is what you call a problem eater. She has a very limited list of foods she likes and most of the foods she likes are yellow. She sees a feeding therapist to work on expanding her list. They have specific strategies to encourage them to try new things. It’s a very slow process. The therapist has been working on getting courtney to eat a few different items including strawberries and grapes for a couple months now. She works on getting courtney to just touch the food item, then actually pick it up, she has to put the item to her cheek, then her lips, lick it and then just hope that one day she will finally take a bite. Today was the day. After several months, she finally took a bite of a strawberry and actually ate a whole grape! I actually got to witness her taking a bite of the strawberry. Happy tears formed in my eyes as I cheered her on! What was just as awesome was seeing her feeding therapist and her occupational therapist cheer her on too. Courtney’s feeding therapist shared with me that she too cried happy tears. It was a beautiful moment!​

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