My sweet Courtney, you are a rock star! You rocked today. This morning, when a lot of 3 year olds are still in their pj’s enjoying breakfast, you got on the bus at 7:45 with a smile on your face. This morning, while your little sister got to play at home with me, you worked your little tail off at school. Though I’m sure some type of fun was had because you came home in your extra clothes. I have found that usually means you were enjoying playing in puddles from the sprinkler system at school during your recess. Today, while most 3 years olds who had to go somewhere took an air conditioned car, you took a hot bus home from preschool. You were sound asleep when you got home. I’m sure a combination of working hard at school and hot bus ride home made you that sleepy. Today during lunch time, while most 3 year olds enjoy a lunch that is just placed in front of them to eat at their enjoyment, you sat next to your therapist who has you request a bite and then works on teaching you how to feed yourself. No, you can’t even eat without it being a lesson. Then when lunch was over when a lot of 3 year olds take a nap, you went and worked with your therapist. You were so unhappy today. I’m sure because of the rude awakening when we got you off the bus. Most 3 year olds get soothed by their mommy’s when they are as upset as you were during your therapy session, but I had to sit upstairs while the therapist helped you work through your meltdown. It is hard to listen to that. I just want to come and hold you but they are teaching you coping skills and those are important to learn. So instead I’ve learn to block it out. Today I cleaned out my closet!!! You cheered up and ended up having a great session. That is until the very end when you saw me and got all worked up again. This time I got to hold you. I can tell you were just worried I was going to leave you again. As hard as it was to hear you cry again, I so enjoyed the snuggles.

That wasn’t the end of your day though. The curve ball to the day was yet to come. Knowing the last couple of hours of your day was going to be hard on you, I tried to give you the down time. Typically on Tuesdays you get a brief break between therapy at home and feeding therapy at the clinic then after therapy we typically go home to have dinner, bath and then bed. Tonight, feeding therapy was later. If that change wasn’t enough, dinner and bath was before therapy. Oh Courtney, I’m sorry for changing things up on you. I could see after bath that you were so confused by me trying to get you to leave the house. But you, my little rock star, held it together. But wait, more change, your usual therapist was out of town today so you had a sub. I heard some cries coming from your therapy room so I immediately decided to leave. I couldn’t stay and listen to you cry. But I found out the crying was short lived. When therapy was over, I got an awesome report from the therapist.

7 p.m. and I finally take you home to end your long and busy day. You rocked it, just like you always do. Tonight when I curled up next to you to put you to sleep, you briefly looked into my eyes. I couldn’t hold in my tears. Don’t worry, they were happy tears. Happy tears because no matter how much we throw at you, you continue to show you can handle it. Of course like all 3 year olds, you have your moments where you breakdown but it’s typically followed by your happy squeals.

Don’t worry, Alyssa, I can’t forget about you! You are a rock star too! As much as you are already blessing us with the terrible 2 stage before you actually hit 2, you still find a way to wrap mommy and daddy around your little finger. You put up with a lot. You are growing up probably thinking Courtney’s therapists are family members. You have spent so many hours tagging along with mommy to Courtney’s therapists. One day you will understand what is all going on. You were the subject of the highlight of my day. Courtney got off the bus crying today. You were both sitting at the counter. You leaned over, patted Courtney on the back and said something in your jibber jabber language. Pretty sure you were trying to say, “don’t be sad, CC”! Now if you can slow down on the growing up!!!!!

Mommy loves her little rock stars!


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