Today’s date is Tuesday, July 4th. On Facebook today there were all these posts saying “Happy 4th of July”. There were pictures of people at picnics and people watching fireworks. At my house, it was just a typical day. Started off with a good old wake up call at 5 a.m. from Alyssa, followed by Courtney waking up at 6:45. Being a holiday, you would think we would actually have a therapy free day for once. Nope. I’m ok with that though! Before you start wondering if I send Courtney to clinics that make their employees work on holidays, they leave it up to the therapists. She had a total of 3 hours of therapy today, 2 hours in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon. The morning session at our house went pretty well. It was the afternoon therapy that was a disaster. We changed things up on her though so it was to be expected. It was a different therapists and at a different time. She cried during the entire session. From therapy we went to my parent’s house. It was our plan to enjoy dinner with them and enjoy a lot of outside play time. My parent’s house is about 30-40 minutes from her therapy. She calmed down in the car and then 5 minutes before we got there, she fell asleep. Courtney doesn’t nap anymore. A simple 20 minute nap can easily make bedtime impossible! Therefore, when we got to my parent’s, I woke her up and got her out of the car. As soon as we stepped in to the house, the crying started up again. It went on for at least 45 minutes. She was an emotional wreck. She turned down all her favorite things. No matter what I did, I couldn’t calm her. On top of it, I had Alyssa whining any time I would hold Courtney. Courtney even used her talker to say, “help, help, finish”. My heart broke for her. The changes and transitions were just too much for her to handle today. I hated making the decision because I was looking forward to hanging out at my parent’s house, but I finally decided we should just go home. She stopped pretty quickly once we got in the car, but you can see in her face how traumatic the day had been. I could see it in her face the rest of the night. My little wild one wasn’t so wild tonight. Kinda ironic, on her “wild days”, all I want is just a fews minutes where she is calm so I can just relax. Tonight I had a couple of hours where she was quite subdued and I was missing my little wild one. I kept feeling her forehead thinking maybe she had a temperature.

So, Facebook looked like today was a holiday. Was it it? What a day.

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