It’s not about the banana…

It wasn’t too long ago that Courtney was on a banana strike. During the strike she would occasionally ask for one (using her talker), take a couple bites and be done or she would just not ask for one. I get frustrated when she goes on a strike with a food item because her list of foods are so limited.Courtney’s diet for our two weeks on vacation consisted of banana, cereal, bagel, slim Jim, fruit pouch, yogurt, goldfish and milk. She’s been on quite the banana kick during this vacation. She was eating 2-3 of them a day! Then 2 days ago it suddenly stopped. She was still asking for bananas but as soon as we opened it and handed it to her she pushed it away. I’ve been able to figure out the exact ripeness that she likes and I’m pretty sure it had nothing to do with that. Today it got me mad. We were out to eat and when she pushed the banana away after asking for it I wanted to scream. I wanted to scream, “just eat the damn banana!” I held it in and instead turned to my husband and said I need a beer.

Later on Joe asked me why I let that irritate me so much. The thing is, i wasn’t irritated about the banana. The banana was just the breaking point. It’s her eating in general. During our two weeks on vacation we have done a lot of eating out. That is two weeks of packing up a bag full of food to bring to these restaurants because there’s not a chance in hell she would touch anything there. It’s the making sure that you can find these very specific items in the places you are traveling too. It’s 2 weeks of packing up so much lactose free milk because that’s literally all she drinks. It’s 2 weeks of watching her eat the same 7 things over and over. So when you get to the restaurant and your daughter presses banana and then refuses the banana…Tell me what mom’s wouldn’t lose their shit?

3 thoughts on “It’s not about the banana…

  1. ✋️Me. I’d be stressed, pissed, frustrated, sad, worried, and scared. I’ll admit it. You are a wonderful & caring mother. You are doing an incredible job even though you might feel like you’re not. Your daughters are very lucky to have you.


  2. You are right, it’s not about the banana. It’s that you have one less option to offer her and you don’t know what to replace it with. Take a deep breath and listen to Elsa and “Let it go.” My Julie was a picky eater and lived much of her younger life on bagels because I refused to make a second meal that she would pick at. It’s some kids Nothing personal. Not reflection of your mothering. Just some kids….. Virtual hugs coming your way. Janet


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