First day survivors…


We survived. Mommy and Courtney survived her first day back to school. Even though I’m not completely happy about the blended placement, I am happy that the first week or so is just the students with special needs. So she gets to get use to her long day with just a small class.

I wasn’t there to see her off today. It was her grandparents. I was frantically checking my phone for updates through out the day from them or her teacher on how her day went. This morning while waiting for the text from her grandparents saying she got on the bus, I was at a welcome back breakfast at my school. A women came from behind, touched my shoulder and said, “I want to hug the warrior mom. I am definitely Team Courtney.” It was a fellow colleague who has spent the past several months following my posts/blog. That hug and the little comment saying she’s definitely on Team Courtney just made me feel so good at that moment. Knowing that I have so much support from everyone, really gives me the strength to be the best I can be for my girls.

Someone has asked me recently why I blog and if I found it helpful. I don’t blog for sympathy, I don’t blog to boast, complain or anything like that. I blog because I do find it helpful to write out what I am thinking. I blog, because I have found it healing to read other blogs of mom’s who have children with autism and I hope to do that for others. What I have found most helpful about blogging, is the support I get from those who read my posts and blogs. So I want to thank all those supporters. Thank you for being Team Courtney! It truly means a lot.

2 thoughts on “First day survivors…

  1. I most certainly enjoy reading your blog and hearing about the good and the bad. That is what life is. I agree that blogging is something that HELPS you first and foremost. Secondly, it is great that you can share this all with others who care about all of you and do follow your blog and thirdly, it is a HUGE help for other Mom’s of autistic and special needs kiddos to be able to see that they are NOT alone. Keep up the great work!


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