Being a commuting, working mom of 2 toddlers, one of which has autism, is stressful. There are some days my life is so busy, like many parents, that I tend to forget to take time to really think about the things I’m thankful for. There are days that I not only forget to think about those things, I may actually spend more time thinking about how stressed I am and actually wonder why I had to get thrown so many obstacles. Then a day like Thanksgiving comes and it reminds me to pause and remember how truly thankful I am for so many things. So I decided tonight to not only spend some time thinking about it, but also blog about it. So what am I thankful for?

I’m thankful for…

-my job and the friends I have there. It may take me an hour to get to and from work but at least I have a job. And not only do I have a job, but I have a job where I work with some of my greatest friends. Friends that have been with me through so many of the ups and downs. I get to see these friends every day! How lucky am I?! I am so thankful!

-My big girl car. My big girl car? I feel like such a grown up driving my SUV with two toddler car seats in it and I am thankful for that.

-my Naperville friends. When I lived in Algonquin with my ex-husband years ago, I never felt like I truly made it home. I think one thing that was missing was really good friends in the area. I’ve made those here in Naperville. Friends that have children the same age as mine and friends that are also on this Special Needs Mom journey. Thank you friends, love you ladies!

-Facebook. Yes, Facebook. Why Facebook? Some of the friends that i have made in my neighborhood, I originally met on Facebook. I’ve also met some great women who have had babies the same time I have. I have also met some amazing ladies and families effected by AFE. I have met so many other Autism Moms. -So yes, I am thankful for Facebook.

-for my supporters. Over a year and a half ago I started this blog. Through this blog, I have gained so many supporters. You have cheered my family on as we trudge through this journey of autism. You have become such an important part of the journey, thank you!

-for Courtney’s home team. I am beyond thankful for the countless hours they have worked with little miss Courtney. She has come so far since we started this journey and I have them to thank.

-for our advocate. I probably drive her nuts, but yet she continues to help us fight for what is best for Courtney.

-my in-laws. Joe’s parents watch the girls two days a week and help us out with so many other things. His sister and her husband and kids are also awesome. I love how excited they all get to see us and how excited the girls get to see them.

-my parents, 9 brother’s and sisters, their significant others and their kids. How lucky am I to have such a large family who love and support each other. Mom and Dad, you have raised us well. Thank you for being you!

-our nanny. Never thought I would find someone so great with the girls and who also gets me. She is our lifesaver!

-my husband. I can be a stressed out lunatic on a pretty regular basis and somehow he continues to stick with me. I sometimes drive myself nuts and some how I haven’t driven him nuts. He loves the girls and I unconditionally.

-my girls. They light up my world. Their endless energy drives me crazy, their crappy sleep habits drain me, the tantrums and or meltdowns exhaust me but their smiles melt my heart. Their snuggles remind me how lucky I am every moment of every day.

Most of all, I am thankful for being alive.

Happy Thanksgiving To All!

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