Teaching the cousins…

Since Courtney officially received the diagnosis of Autism I wondered how I would educate those close to her, especially her cousins who are on the younger side but probably the closest to her. Not knowing how to approach it, I decided I would leave it up to the parents for now.

It has become apparent at family gatherings on both sides of the family that it has been talked about with the cousins. They are all great with her! Unfortunately some have already been on the receiving end of her aggressive behaviors. When this has happened I’ve seen her cousins try to carefully tell their parents without me knowing that Courtney bit or scratched them. Breaks my heart that they have to experience that but so grateful they also have some understanding.

It is so cool to watch some of them explore her talker. I let them explore it because I want them to think it’s cool and I want them to learn how to communicate with her.

While celebrating Thanksgiving with one side of the family, one family member shared with me that Courtney’s cousin wrote about her at school. She shared his writing with me. I had to hold back my tears as I read about how he wants to help autistic children like his cousin when he grows up. How beautiful! And I can see him actually sticking to that! He is so good with Courtney. He spent the whole gathering making sure she had her talker with her. It is so cool to see her already inspiring others.Oh Courtney, you are so loved by many!

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