For every parent of multiple children, watching your children play with each other is always so beautiful to see. For parents of a child with Autism, a disorder that really impacts a child’s ability to be social, those moments can either be so quick or not happen much at all. Courtney and Alyssa have found an activity that they both like to do and you will get some cute interactions during. They love rough housing on our couch. In our house, jumping on the couch is welcomed. They will start jumping, running and giggling. Then they start tickling (aka…grabbing each other). It is absolutely adorable. They are truly interacting with each other.

Last night the beauty of this moment was brought to another level. Courtney has a speech therapist that comes to our house once a week to work on her learning how to use her communication device. It very play based. The therapist usually follows her lead. If there is something she is enjoying doing, we work on her requesting more of that activity. The session first started with her running around with her Elsa doll. Joe would take a turn with it and then she would have to use her talker to say, “play Elsa” to get it back. After a few times she was able to do it on her own. The video I’m sharing, you will see her pressing the buttons to say “play Elsa”. (Side note…for some reason the talker didn’t speak when she pressed Elsa, but she did press it). Then Alyssa joined in on the running around which lead them to their rough house play. We then showed Courtney how to say “get Alyssa”. After modeling it some, she was able to do it pretty independently. It was so beautiful to see Courtney not only play with her sister but also say her sister’s name in her mode of communication. I was all smiles and you can see the joy in the therapists face too. Truly a priceless moment!

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