AAC rocks!

I love technology! I love that there are ways out there for those who are not verbal to still communicate. I love that my little girl is finding her voice thanks to technology!

Tonight Joe and I were sitting on the couch with Courtney trying to get her to calm down and go to bed. Her talker was next to her. She used her talker (AAC device) to tell us she wanted milk, which we then gave her and she finished. She then used her talker to say “ice cream”. Which I replied, “you don’t eat ice cream”. Joe replied, “are you just pressing button”? Courtney then used her talker to say “red”. She was definitely trying to tell us something. I looked around to see what was red that she may be wanting. Sure enough, with in her eye sight but out of her reach, was this little red plastic scoop of ice cream. I handed it to her and she smiled.

Tears of joy! One proud mommy!

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