Back to school…

It’s that time of year again. Summer break is coming to an end and another school year begins. It’s been a fantastic summer. A very busy one for our little Courtney, but she managed it like a champ! Yes, Joe and I realize how blessed we are to both get summers off together. It makes it so we can do some fun things with the girls. N between hours upon hours of therapy and summer school, we had fun spending time at our favorite pool, visit with friends and family, girls enjoyed playing at the child center while I worked out, Alyssa took to classes with the park district and Joe and I had a few date days thanks to our awesome nanny.

We also had two amazing trips. One to Mackinac Island, MI and the other to Joe’s family beach house in Milford, CT. So much fun was had on both of these vacations. We are enjoying making both of these spots our summer traditions. I think what really was beautiful to see was how at peace Courtney was when she was exploring in the ocean. It was a true sensory experience for her. She spends hours upon hours in therapy and school. She finally had 10 days without therapy and school and I think the ocean ended up being the best therapy yet. Side note…we are not moving to the ocean!

We are now home, which brings us to the school year starting. Our family thrives on routine so I think we are all ready for school to start. I spent a good portion of the summer stressing about Courtney’s 3rd and final year of preschool. At the end of last school year we found out both her teacher and the principal were leaving. As much as I had mixed feelings about both, them leaving made me more nervous about Courtney having to get to know a new teacher, a new routine, and me having to build up a new trusting relationship with them. Shortly before we left for Connecticut we received news that Courtney would have the teacher she had her first year! HUGE sigh of relief!!!

Now you may recall I struggled with communication with this teacher. As that year went on and I learned to open up and advocate for Courtney, the teacher communicates more with us and I ended up loving her. It also helped to see how much she TRULY loved working with our little girl. We also received news that the speech therapist that has worked with her the past two years will also be working with her again. We adore her so again, we are thrilled.

We still have our frustrations and concerns about her placement but know her team will help make it work for her. Now we can spend this year making sure the district chooses a kindergarten placement that is appropriate for Courtney the following year.

But one thing at a time…

Good luck to all the children out there as they start another year!

Good luck to their parents as they send them off to school!

Good luck to the teachers as they prepare for another year!


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