Time to Recover…

I want to start off by saying a huge thanks for all the support we have gotten through this whole long ordeal with our sweet Courtney. The thoughts and prayers were very comforting especially these last couple days. I know I have written about it a few times now, but words can’t even come close to explaining the toll the past 2 months have taken on our family and all who work with Courtney. It is such a relief to know we are on our way to recovery.

Two days ago, Courtney had a big day at Lurie Children’s Hospital. She had both X-Rays and Lab word done to diagnose the lesion found on her femur and she had an appointment with a urologist to see if we can get a better grasp on what has been going on. Courtney was beyond amazing during our adventure. She loved the train ride downtown, tolerated the craziness at the train station and tolerated the long wait at the office. I couldn’t have asked her to behave any better. Of course she struggled with the blood word and X-Ray but what little child wouldn’t. Thanks to my sister and great lab/X-Ray technicians, she got through it.

Those who follow me on Facebook know that we found out, the UTI’s that she has been having were actually not UTI’s. What? Not UTI’s? I’m actually not surprised by this because each time they diagnosed her with one, they explained how the test showed it really wasn’t one but since there was some bacteria and she was showing symptoms they treated it as one. So why has she been in so much pain? Courtney has chronic constipation issues. Always has and probably always will. Because she is so backed up she is having what is called bowel spasms. Basically…in laymen’s terms her colon is freaking out because it is so backed up. Cure? Miralax and lots of it. AND…it’s already working. Since Sunday afternoon, she has been a completely different child. Our happy little girl is back.

As I mentioned in a previous post, a lesion was found on Courtney’s femur. No matter how many times you are told it is probably nothing, hearing that your child has something growing on her is beyond nerve wrecking so needless to say I was nervous about these results. Thankfully, at this time it is nothing to be concerned about. It does require some follow up just to make sure it doesn’t grow, but rest assure, she is fine.

So now comes the time to recover. Not only for her but for us as a family. Even little Alyssa got use to us saying “Courtney is sick”, or “I have to take Courtney to the doctor”. This has been our life for 2 months. It is never fun seeing your child sick or in pain let along to have to watch them suffer for longer than your typical illness period. During this time we have seen regression across the board so now we have to help her get back to where she was before this started. It won’t be a quick bounce back to the way things were but seeing her happy again will make it easier to start treading forward. I will now probably stress more about her regularity than I ever have before in fear that we will see the behaviors again.

Again, I can’t thank everyone enough for their love and support during this time. A huge thank you to my sister who joined us for the adventure down town, my team at school who kept things going while I was on my short leave, all those who helped keep Courtney comfortable during this time and not losing their patience as she got very aggressive, Her caregivers who had to put up with a lot and Joe and Alyssa for putting up with my insanity as my stress levels were through the roof!

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