Letter to our horse therapist…

Oh Ms. Christine, if only you knew the excuses I was starting to come up with the Friday before our session. We double booked ourselves, Courtney has had a horrible week, I have had a horrible week, it’s just too darn cold…the list goes on.

Instead I sent you a message just giving you a heads up on the tough week Courtney had. I was so bummed the week before as I felt we were back to day one. Being the wonderful therapist you are, you already had a plan on how to possibly make it easier for her but assuring me that it’s ok if we take it slow.

Well you pinned it, Ms. Christine. You knew exactly what she needed. Who knew, opening the large door to open the arena more would make such a world of difference for her. I was just hoping for a happy session where she didn’t hurt anyone. Ok, so maybe the not hurting anyone didn’t happen but we got so much more (Bumble, she loves you even though she tried to attack you). We got words! Words so loud and clear I could hear them across the arena! Beautiful doesn’t even describe it!

And Ms. Christine, I love how firm yet patient and loving you are with Princess Alyssa. I will never be able to thank you enough for including her in these lessons,

What I will never be able to fully express though is what it has meant to me to let me also have lessons. My week was beyond stressful. The minute I started brushing Toast, I could feel the stress disappear.

Ms. Christine, you have given my family such a beautiful thing to do together every Saturday. A family therapy that I will forever be grateful for. Some sessions, are better than others. Pretty sure today topped them all!

Toast, Missy, Bumble, Capone and all the others, we love you too!

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