The new school…so many feels

Wow, I was not prepared for all the feels I just felt in one hour. I hope I can come close to explaining it.

Today Joe and I went to observe a possible kindergarten class for Courtney next year. Let’s start with that. Feel number 1. My little girl is going to kindergarten next year. KINDERGARTEN!!! Where has the time gone and can it slow down please? Enter second feel…While sitting at this regular school that is in our district waiting to meet the principal, tears were in my eyes. This is not how it was suppose to go. It was suppose to be Courtney go to preschool somewhere and then we just register for kindergarten at our home school where all the neighborhood kids go and where Alyssa would eventually join her. We are on a different path. Yes, a path that I love but there are still brief moments where I think about that “initial” plan.

Then we met the principal. I was so impressed by her. I started to lose that feel of sadness as she passionately described the structured program they have in their building for children with autism. The tears started to fill my eyes again as she started to talk about how they keep parents informed and how they see this as highly important since they know these kids can’t communicate about their day. The daily communication, the multiple team meetings, AND they make it possible for parents to see how their child is in the classroom. I have never observed Courtney in the school setting. This even includes something like the Halloween parade. I know if Courtney sees me it may throw her off completely. Because of the technology world we live in, I could schedule a time to come to school and use FaceTime to observe her. Not sure if the principal or Joe noticed, but there were tears in my eyes. I was already so impressed.

These feels continued as we toured the building and headed to what could be her classroom. Stepping in the classroom, I could tell right away that this was where Courtney belonged. The principal showed us around the room and then asked if we had any questions. As I was telling her how perfect I felt the program was I got emotional.

I felt silly getting so emotional. Like any parent, I want my little girl to have this great education. When your child needs such a specific type of instruction to meet her significant needs, the moment you realize you found that place to meet those needs it’s hard not to get emotional.

This was just an observation. The meeting to discuss what her placement will he is in two weeks. It comforts us to know that the right placement is within our district. Hard to believe she’s going to kindergarten. Can’t wait to see where she is headed in this journey next.

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