Best Nanny Ever!

When Courtney was born, we were blessed to have family as her caregivers. Three days a week my mom watched her at her house and two days a week joe’s parents watched her their house. We were able to continue using them when Alyssa was born. It is so hard leaving your babies to go to work but knowing they are with people who love them definitely helps.

The time came to figure out different caregiver plans when Courtney needed a 5 day a week preschool program. Because of her needs, we knew a day care center wasn’t going to work. We needed a nanny. That is when Savannah entered our lives.

I was so nervous to leave my precious girls with a complete stranger but it ended up being the beginning of a beautiful relationship. She became our life saver!

As I’ve shared, she is leaving. We started with a new nanny when the school year started but Savannah was still around some for date nights and one last overnight but it’s time to say goodbye.

I will forever be grateful for all she did for our family these past 3 years and she will be missed. Hopefully we will always be on her list of stops whenever she is in town.

We love you, Sahna!!! (No clue how to spell what Alyssa calls you.)

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