Happy Birthday…

This girl…as I sit here the night before her 4th birthday, I’m not sure where to begin. Yes, she has been given the nick name, ” little shit” (not to her face of course) but I truly believe in some ways it’s a compliment. She earned that name because of her strong personality that will get her so far in life. This girl is going to move mountains!

Watching her grow up makes me laugh, cry, scream and proud. I laugh at the constant facial expressions as she enjoys everything life has to offer. Cry because it kills me to watch my last little baby turn into a little girl. Scream because she tests my patience day in and day out. Proud of how with little explanation, she has caught on that there is something special about her sister.

There is one feeling I feel more than all of the above and that is thankful. Thankful that I am here to laugh with her, cry with her and even scream out of frustration. I am so thankful that I have been able to watch her grow into this beautiful little girl.

Four years ago her delivery lead me to have to fight for my life in a way no women should have to on such an important day but here we are now living life to its fullest. And though it is a crazy life it’s a life I will never take for granted.

Happy Birthday, Alyssa! I love you to the moon and back!

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