The sleep battle…

Somewhere I lost control over how the girls sleep. Not that I’ve ever had great control over it, but as of recently, I’ve lost the little control I’ve had. I’m about to put myself out there for some major parent shaming but here I go. As of the last few weeks, we now have both girls sleeping in our bed.

I’m going to skip over how Alyssa started sleeping with me but I will say, She use to be a beautiful sleeper who fell asleep on her own and in her own bedroom. I will also add that if any parents out there have children scared of monsters in their room? DO NOT USE MONSTER SPRAY TO GET RID OF THEM. Total backfire in this house.

As for Courtney, she has been anxious about falling asleep in her own room for a while now. Though once asleep, I have always been able to transfer her to her bed. As of recently, her anxiety about her room as increased. If I’m lucky enough to transfer her without waking her, she wakes up at some point of the night and quickly runs to our room and into the bed. The problem is, once Courtney is awake, she is awake for several hours. Once Courtney is awake, I’m awake because she needs constant eye.

So here’s the dilemma? Courtney (and Alyssa) is sound asleep in my bed tonight? I can keep her there and get a good night sleep or I can move her like I did last night and other nights this week and probably end up awake half the night. What would you do?

Courtney has had sleep issues from day 1. Sleep deprived is the state of my existence. We were on quite a good stretch this fall but all good things must come to an end I guess…

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