Autism mom bond…

I was listening to a podcast and they were talking about advice for parents early on in the autism journey. One piece of advice they gave was to find your people. Your people that truly get it. Yes, you need your people who will support you even if they aren’t in the same boat but you need people who are on the same journey. I fortunately didn’t have to look far for someone who gets it. I just had to look within my immediate family. In fact, she probably grabbed on to me before I knew I needed her. My older sister, who was 10 years into the autism mom journey, was probably one of the first to notice Courtney had autism. From the moment I knew the direction I was headed I knew my sister was going to be my person when it comes to autism. She has helped me be Courtney’s advocate, she has given me advice and an ear to vent to. She has even helped me step a way from it all. It’s a a special bond I will forever be grateful for.

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