Surviving THE break…(3/18/2020)

Today was day 2 of e-learning for the girls. Day 1 was a flop because I went into having no idea what to expect. Day 2 was more successful. I am overwhelmed by the work their district put in to ensure learning is continuing through this crazy time.

I am finding this is helping the relationship between the girls some. Alyssa is wanting to do what Courtney is doing so they are actually sitting down and doing things together! It’s awesome!

Low points…honestly, it’s managing it all. There is just so much uncertainty, chaos and confusion in the world right now. Processing that all while recreating what normal looks like at home and trying to still give your students an education is beyond stressful. I would by lying if I said I’m handling this fine. I’m scared, stressed and overwhelmed. But I’m guessing I’m not a lone. Right?!

High point…we did it! We successfully did e-learning today! Did we do all that we were suppose to? No. But we did it and some fun was had too!

The other highlight of the day was a virtual birthday party for my twin sisters! A bunch of my family members have been hanging out every evening for a FaceTime chat. I look forward to this every evening. Listening to several of us sing happy birthday was truly priceless! Love you, family!

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