Surviving the New Normal…barely!

Remote learning for two teachers and two children who need assistance to complete their remote learning is in full swing and let me tell ya…it’s hard as hell!

Today was probably one of the most difficult days of remote learning since it was booked with one meeting after another. I haven’t figured out zoom/google meetings while managing toddlers yet. It also included Courtney’s iep meeting and I held a meeting for one of my students. Can I just say, I miss the support of my village and I miss my school team. I finally broke down during a meeting with my team. I’m struggling managing this new normal as an autism parent/teacher, how are my families managing? I wish there was more I could do.

It was a tough day but then I get moments like in these pictures and I can’t help but smile. As hard as this all is I will never take for granted the extra time I’m having with the girls.

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