The ugly side…

All things considered, though stressed beyond belief, I think we are managing this new normal ok. There are ups and downs but the silver lining is we are all healthy and thriving. I’ve pointed out the good and bad through it all but in light of it all I’ve tried to stay mostly positive on my blog. But here’s a picture of the ugly side…the one on the left is her arm the one on the right is my arm.

The aggression towards herself and towards her family has been quite frequent. It happens when she doesn’t want to work, when she isn’t getting her way, when there’s a change in routine and for reasons we can’t figure out.

We’ve had these bruises before. It was back when she was struggling with UTIs and gut issues. She’s not in pain this time. This is confusion. This is loss of structure and routine. This is loss of our village. This is quarantine. This is the ugly side of autism.

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