Dot markers…

It is easy so easy to take for granted especially as a parent of young children those little things that come so easy for children. But those little things don’t come easy for all children.

Fine motor activities are not easy at all for Courtney. Actually, she despises most fine motor activities. Or they involve non-edible items that she ends up just eating. Though it appears we may have found one.

Today Courtney pulled out dot markers that I purchased recently. I set her up at the counter with the markers and a piece of paper. She independently opened one up (opening containers is an OT goal of hers) and started making dots. She them handed the marker and cap to me so I could close it. She repeated this for every color. 20 minutes later she made a beautiful creation. ALL ON HER OWN! She never sits that long and she usually needs 1:1 assistance to complete an art project. Her finished creation is beautiful and I will treasure it forever.

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