Oh Anxiety, you have won this week. You grabbed a hold of both of my girls and aren’t letting go. You’ve been along for the ride for a while but this week you took over.

Thanks to you, Anxiety, you have caused Courtney to bite herself, hide in parts of the house, and refuse to come out of the car. You have made transitions harder than ever for her. I can see you in her eyes as she tries to figure out this new normal.

Anxiety, you’ve been trying to grab a hold of Alyssa for a while now as she tries to manage eating with severe food allergies but she has proven she’s stronger than you. But then came the nose bleeds. You’ve won anxiety, as she now walks around with a mirror making sure her nose doesn’t start bleeding. I blame you, anxiety, for the fact that she now has a panic attack that her nose will bleed whenever I’m on the phone or in therapy with Courtney.

Thanks to you, anxiety, you have left us feeling physically, mentally and emotionally drained this week. But we won’t let you paralyze us. We will prove we are stronger than you. If there is anything my family has proven over the years it is that we are resilient. You have a strong hold on us but we will break through.

3 thoughts on “Anxiety…

  1. Anxiety ..the black hole which pulls the individual towards it …the individual tries to run away with all might ..but the pull is strong ….you rightly said..face it head on…take the anxiety on to get rid of it ..not easy but the only way .


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