Pure joy…

One part of autism that I find intriguing is how true people with autism are. What you see is what you get. There is no faking. Think of those moments you weren’t in a good mood but you still had to turn on that happy face. Someone with autism has great difficulty with with that. But on the flip side of that. When they are happy, they are truly happy.

Courtney has this belly laugh. It’s contagious and you see pure joy all over her face. These giggly moments can turn into an issue but I won’t get into that. I love seeing these pure joy moments. What enjoy even more is watching another person experiencing these moments with her. Especially when that someone is her big cousin who has been helping me out this summer. Pure joy…that’s exactly what this picture shows! Alyssa is loving this extra time with her big cousin too! #cousinlove

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