Covid Sucks…

Covid sucks. Yep, just going to start off with that proclamation. It sucks. It sucks that we can’t celebrate thanksgiving and Christmas in person with out loved ones. It sucks because people are dying alone. It sucks because it’s unraveled so much ugliness between people just because they differ in opinion. As a special needs mom and special needs educator it sucks watching the effects it’s having on some of the most vulnerable children. IT SUCKS!

I have students who can’t come in because they can’t wear a mask. Covid sucks! Teaching in person is not what it use to be and that is hard. Covid Sucks! I have students who have been in but now being put back in remote because of cases increasing and I will likely not see them on zoom because of other reasons. Covid sucks! I have students doing remote and no matter how hard the parents try to make it work, it isn’t. Covid sucks! I have a 5 year old daughter who hasn’t seen the inside of a school since March. Her anxiety is getting the best of her and so is her sister to the point that she is seeing a psychologist weekly…via zoom of course. Covid sucks! I have a 7 year old with severe autism who only gets to go in school twice a week, unable to wear a mask and no understanding of why her world has been turned upside down. Her only way of showing her frustration is by pinching, scratching, biting herself or anyone near her. And not just a few times. We are talking 60-70 times a day. There have been days where it was over 100 times. COVID SUCKS!!!! Sorry…making post rated R…F#%@ COVID!

Originally this post was going to be how we put a request in to Courtney’s school for them to consider increasing how many days she goes in person and how today we learned our request was denied. My frustration turned this post into how much Covid sucks because honestly, that’s the only thing at fault. My heart breaks for Courtney and others like her. I of course am so grateful she is healthy and thriving thanks to the hard work of so many people. But this little girl needs to be in school. Covid Sucks.

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