Rainbow after a storm…

Three years ago today, a team of teachers, para-professionals, school therapists, home therapists and caregivers gathered together in a conference room at Courtney’s pre-school. We met to learn about a new communication system for Courtney since the one we were using at the time wasn’t cutting it for her. That day was the perfect example of how it truly takes a village to raise a child.

Three years later, the village has changed some but it still remains large and supportive. The world has been turned upside down and as an autism family we definitely are just holding on by a thread.

As much as Courtney is struggling right now, there is one thing that is flourishing. That communication system we introduced 3 years ago today has truly become Courtney’s voice and witnessing it has been beautiful!

Today’s moments tops the cake! Today she used her talker to say, “want dad” while he was not home. Then tonight, for the first time ever, she verbally requested a hug from me! I gave her the biggest hug ever!

I was feeling defeated this week. The storm has felt strong. But as they say, when it storms, look for the rainbow. Well the rainbow appeared bright for us today to remind me that we will get through this.

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