I absolutely love this picture our nanny sent us while Joe and I were enjoying a mini “staycation”. It’s Courtney sitting in a waiting area with her during Alyssa’s dance class. Alyssa started an in-person dance class recently. For her activities, we carefully select the ones that allow us to have one parent take her while the other parent stays home with Courtney. It is not easy for Courtney to sit and wait then add having to wear a mask…pretty impossible. This weekend it was unavoidable though…our nanny had to take Alyssa to dance and bring Courtney with. We told her and prepped Alyssa that if Courtney couldn’t handle it, they would have to leave early.

So needless to say, we were so happy when we received this picture and a text saying, “so far so good”. Everything about the picture is perfect. I love seeing her wear her mask and actually wearing it correctly (it is usually short lived) AND I love the thumbs up. Savannah has taught Courtney to give a thumbs up when she asks her if she is “good”. So here she is telling Savannah that she is “good”. So proud of Courtney for letting us push her out of her comfort zone and couldn’t be more grateful for our nanny who was up for the challenge.

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