Annual review…

A year ago we had just gone in to lock down. Schools across the country were shutting down. At this point we had no idea for how long. As a special education teacher and an autism mom I was in panic mode. What was this extended break (ha…that’s an understatement) going to do for not only my students but my daughter with autism.

It was early on in the lock down that we had Courtney’s annual IEP meeting. I remember feeling so proud of the progress she made up to the lockdown yet so scared that we would take a step backward for every week she wasn’t at school.

Weeks turned into months which turned into a whole year. A whole year of schedule changes, a whole year of unknowns of what will happen next. A whole year of bumps and bruises, tears and frustration. A whole year of wanting nothing more than getting back to our “normal”.

Here we are a whole year later and having her annual review again. Not only did she get through this past year but she got through it while continuing to grow. Progress did not stop. Progress continued! She flourished in ways I could never imagine!

This couldn’t have happened without our amazing village both at school and at home. I will forever be grateful for every single one of them! We needed caregivers to step up in ways that most caregivers would probably say no to. Therapists and teachers had to get creative in how to meet her needs. I had to learn how to trust that it will all be ok.

I found myself very emotional after today’s meeting. How can you not after having to recap anything from the past 12 months. But we did it , Team Cranston. We got through these last 12 months not only healthy but stronger than ever.

The picture I chose for this post was used in a previous post but I felt her “good job” was perfect for today! Good job, Courtney! You are a rockstar!

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