This is our autism, day 13

During the month of April in honor of Autism Awareness/Acceptance Month I am going to post a picture showing our autism. Autism is a spectrum. When you know one child with autism you know one child with autism. This is our autism.

Bath time…the picture I’m posting is actually the complete opposite of our autism currently. Which shows you not only is each person with autism different but each person’s autism can change drastically even within a single year.

Bath time has never been a favorite of Courtney’s. Courtney does enjoy water play though.,,on her own terms. Last year at this time, Courtney was enjoying playing in a tub full of water so much so that she was doing it 3 times a day. Now…to be brutally honest, she has so much anxiety around the bath that I feel like I am torturing her when I’m giving her one. She screams bloody murder. I’ve even explained to her therapists that bath time for us is probably causing both of us PTSD. Now before you ask if we have tried a shower, the answer is yes and it’s even worse because she HATES the sound of running water. Bath time is definitely on our list of hardest things about autism. This is our autism!

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