To our Grand Life Savors…

To the guests sitting around us at dinner tonight who watched us sit down near them with one child already in tears, thank you for giving us smiles instead of judgement.

To the same guests who continued to give us looks of encouragement when our other daughter started to meltdown over dinner choices.

Thank you to these same guests for continuing to show compassion as our mealtime continued to go downhill to the point where I grabbed my girl’s hands and rushed out of the dining room ready to end our vacation right then and there.

And then to those same guests sitting by us who quickly surrounded me ready to help after we re-entered the dining room with two girls still unhappy and now me who had lost full composure. As I broke down in tears feeling like I couldn’t control my own kids, you were determind to help make sure we enjoyed the rest of our dinner.

First the the gentleman who comforted me ensuring me that our family wasn’t ruining their dinner. You made me smile as you told me how you saw the girls outside earlier having a blast and how adorable they looked. Thank you!

Then to the lady at the other table…you came to our rescue by offering to take one of them out to the porch while we ate. You didn’t care which one and you made sure I knew you were fine if they even cried the whole time. You are our hero! You, along with your husband and daughter, left the rest of your family and entertained Alyssa outside so Joe and I can enjoy the rest of our dinner as Courtney calmed down next to us. Thank you!

We lost at the game of parenting today but we were greeted by compassion from complete strangers that we will never forget and forever be grateful for.

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