Here I sit…

Here I sit in the hallway. Actually sitting. One in one bedroom and one in another. So here I sit.

Here I sit feeling frustrated that they can seldom be together.

Here I sit. Not running up and downstairs between both girls. I’m actually sitting.

Here I sit feeling relieved that they are actually on the same level.

Here I sit ready to leap up in either direction the second another fire needs to be put out.

Here I sit waiting for the next sound of distress…yep, there it is! Alyssa heard Courtney making some sort of noise. Phew…it didn’t escalate.

Here I sit wondering how we got into this little rough patch we are in and wishing there was an easy way out of it.

Here I sit feeling like the days are long and tiring but remembering to enjoy them as they are also flying by.

Here I sit happy that we all made it through another day in one piece, happy and healthy. Isn’t that all that matters?

So here I sit reminding myself that it’s not all that bad. All is good.

Gotta go…the next fire needs to be put out!

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