Regulation after a tough day…

Alyssa had a tough day. One tantrum/meltdown (whatever you want to call it) after another. Today her strong willed and need for control personality got the best of her. Courtney’s noises got the best of her. I would get her calm after one episode and then something else would trigger her.

Days like this hit me hard. It wears on my patience and it makes me question my parenting big time. It never fails that I raise my voice louder than I should at her and in the end hate myself for it.

Tonight I then sat in awe as she did some Cosmic Yoga. I watched her body look so calm and regulated. You would never guess she spent most of the afternoon in fight or flight mode.

Oh, Alyssa, we will get through this season of battles. We will find ways to help you cope as an autism sibling. We will find ways where your strong willed behavior can shine. I may make mistakes as we get through this but know I love you with all my heart!

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