Back to school…

So I just did this thing. Some are going to say I’m insane. Some will ask where I will find the time. Some may wonder if I forgot that I’m already usually stressed and overtired. Yep, I’ve asked myself all the same questions.

So here’s the thing…for a few years now I have been wrestling with the fact that I am missing something in my life. Like there’s is something I needed to do to feel like my life is fulfilled. I know…this all sounds crazy.

After mulling this over for a while now, I nailed it down to two things that I was “missing”. The big family that I wanted and becoming a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).

I am unable to have more kids so joe and I looked very seriously into adopting. After going back and forth we made the decision that it wasn’t the right time for it.

So..,becoming a BCBA. A BCBA is a certification big in the autism world. Courtney has a BCBA as part of her team. I’ve wanted to be certified way before Courtney came into my life. Back in 2007/2008 I started the course work to get certified. Life happened though. I got a divorce, moved out of my house, met joe, remarried, had kids and then Autism became our family’s reality. Needless to say I didn’t finish the process.

So…I did a thing. I applied to ASU’s online program so I can finally become a BCBA. Of course I found out I have to start over because of the nature of the program and how long it’s been since I’ve taken the courses. Nonetheless, I’m ready to do this. Ready to fill in my missing piece.

Not sure where I want this to take me but I know it’s what I’ve wanted to do. So here I go! Wish me luck!

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