Photo Challenge-Day 11


Day 11-response to sibling/cousin/friend

I’m glad a sibling moment was a part of the challenge. The girls have struggled recently being on the same level of the house so looking at pictures it reminded me that there is a very special bond between them despite the fact that they can’t tolerate each other’s noises right now.

Alyssa came into this world before Courtney was officially diagnosed but at the point where I was pretty certain she had autism. Courtney was very much disconnected from those around her. So when Alyssa was born her reaction pretty much looked like she could care less that Alyssa existed. Except…Alyssa had one thing Courtney loved. Baby soft skin. To this day, Courtney loves touching Alyssa’s hands. The beautiful thing is, when Alyssa is in the right mood she will just let Courtney play with her hands.

Their bond is different but very special.

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