How’s it going?

This was the first full week of all 4 of us being back in school. So how did it go?

Joe is in his usual groove. Happy to be back with all of his students in person.

This year is the first year um starting with half of my day having a full case load and boy are we feeling it. You can tell everyone is still trying to recover from the craziness of last school year.

Grad school kicked my butt this week. I was definitely surprised on how much work was involved. I wasn’t joking in my last post when I said I almost backed out 3 times. I think now that I know what is expected I’ll be able to make it work but that definitely made this last week difficult,

Alyssa is starting off kindergarten beautifully! I couldn’t be happier. We are struggling with her not wanting to eat anything while there but we will figure that out. Her favorite thing so far is music class. She said her music teacher is super funny!

I was so consumed with Alyssa starting kindergarten that I didn’t worry much about how Courtney’s year started. She has the same team for the 3rd year. I went with the attitude of no news is good news. Needless to say I was a little surprised on Thursday this week when I received an email in the middle of the afternoon from her teacher saying it’s been a tough week for her. This made my heart sink. That news was followed by a happy Friday and news that she actually peed in the toilet! Not sure what others think but that news easily trumps the tough week!

As much as this year is starting a tad bit more normal than last year, you can still feel the aftermath of it all and the anticipation of how it will continue but to keep this post from attracting an argument I’ll just keep it at that.

It was a stressful week. It was an exhausting week. But overall I think you can say it was a successful week since we all made it to Friday.

Happy Friday all!

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