“It’s a Christmas Miracle!”

“It’s a Christmas Miracle,” shouted Alyssa with a smile that could light up the world as she finished decorating the tree.

Why is decorating a tree a Christmas Miracle to this little girl?

For the last several years we have only put up these two small little trees and decorated them with felt ornaments. It was what I called Courtney Safe. We stopped putting up the big tree. We stopped putting out the breakable decorations. I never even put out the special manger scene someone bought for me. Sometimes in life you have to make sacrifices and this is one we decided to make.

This year Alyssa decided she didn’t want to make this sacrifice anymore. Enough was enough. She wanted a big tree with the special ornaments! One night recently she made it known loud and clear as she melted down saying over and again that she wanted the big tree. I held her tight and told her that she is right, she should be able to have a big tree in her house.

Today we finally did it. We put up the big tree. Courtney even helped! I didn’t realize how much I also needed to stop sacrificing this. We even put up the manger scene! Yes, Alyssa, it’s a Christmas Miracle! what will be an even bigger miracle is if nothing breaks!

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