2021…not so bad after all

Recently I was making a list on my notes app and happen to come across one titled 2021 goals. I didn’t remember making goals at all! Heck wasn’t everyone’s goal just to survive after the hellish 2020? Well it appears I did set some goals and to my surprise I was pretty successful with those goals!

So what were my goals?

1. Hit my goal weight. 

I’ll do a transformation post after the official weigh in next week but after 6 years of yo yo dieting and with the help of my personal trainer, I finally hit my goal weight! Goal checked!

2. Go back to school to become a BCBA (board certified behavior analyst)

12 years ago I did the course work towards this but never completed the supervision hours nor did I sit for the exam. I was never happy with the fact that I started something but didn’t complete it. Unfortunately I found out I had to start all over but that’s ok. I started it and this time I will complete it! Goal checked!

3. Run a 5k

So this is the one goal I didn’t complete. When I shared my goals the other day with Joe and my trainer a couple weeks ago both said it’s not too late: I almost signed up for one so I could say I completed all my goals but goal is to run it and I want to do it well. So I’m holding off and it will be one of my 2022 goals.

So 2 out of 3 goals complete! Even though 2021 was a complete shit show, I was able to find ways to accomplish some big things for myself. Maybe it wasn’t that bad of a year after all! Now to start thinking about goals for 2022!

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