The beginning….

April is autism awareness and acceptance month. Through out this month I will share different parts of this journey. To kick off the month, it’s only right for me to start from the beginning.

For any new followers, my husband and I have two beautiful girls. Courtney is 8 and has autism. Alyssa is 6 and has anxiety, sensory issues and severe food allergies. Unlike many, autism was a part of my life way before my daughter was diagnosed with it. I started working with children with autism when I was in college. A few of these kiddos is why I decided to get a masters on special education. I became determined to learn everything I could about autism.

After 10 years of teaching preschoolers with autism, my oldest daughter (at that point 2 years old) was diagnosed with autism. I remember the beginning of the school year after she was diagnosed, standing in the front of a room full of parents who were about to entrust me with their children. For the first time in my teaching career I could completely relate to how they were feeling. I debated on if I wanted to share my story but as I looked at these parents, I knew I needed to tell them that I get it. I needed to tell them that I too was about to leave my daughter who couldn’t talk, who had no way to express her basic wants and needs in the hands of a complete stranger. I needed to tell them that I’m feeling all the same emotions.

Here i am over 5 years later. Still teaching preschoolers with autism while raising my beautiful girls. Autism has taken us on quite the journey. It’s been a rollercoaster for sure. There have been good days and bad days. There has been laughter and tears. It’s a little wild at times.

Come join me for the month as I share more about this crazy journey. #letsautismtogether.

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