Potty training…

We are approaching a big week. I hesitate blogging about it because I’m trying really hard to be cautiously optimistic with optimistic being the hard part.

Courtney is 8 years old. Just 4 months from being 9. (Yikes, I need to take a minute to process that….). Courtney is still in diapers. We have tried countless times to potty train her but each time we found we had to step whether it was for her intense aversion to the bathroom or medical issues it was causing (UTIs, constipation). After each failed attempt I was feeling a little less hopeful that we would ever get her out of diapers.

Early on in this autism journey I mentally prepared myself that she may end up being an adult in diapers. It’s not that I don’t have the confidence in my daughter, I needed to have the mindset so I wasn’t angry that she wears diapers.

About a month ago I approached Courtney’s BCBA and said during the week that she has off between school and summer school, I wanted to try potty training again. This time I wanted to be as intense as possible with the process. A strong plan with home therapy’s help, increase frequency, lots of rewards…we are going all in. Oh wait….should I add I’m still at work and I’m putting this all on my super hero nanny for 3 of the days and grandparents for 1 day?

Like I mentioned, I’m trying to be cautiously optimistic. I want to believe Courtney is up for the challenge, but we still have one major barrier. Courtney is still afraid of bathrooms. Yes, I could try training seats outside the bathroom but remember she is almost 9 and near 60 lbs. Would you want to sit on a seat that is meant for a 2 year old?

So this weekend we prep. We gather supplies, we start letting her know what’s going to happen, we start sharing with Alyssa how things are going to work, and we mentally prepare for whatever may happen. So send all the positive vibes our way because this week is going to be a tough one.

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