When you don’t have the verbal language to communicate your wants and needs it can be very difficult when you want something specific to make it known. Yes, Courtney has her talker but there are some items that are not on there.

Courtney loves those silly bath toys that squirt water. She has a bunch of them…ducks, animals, Disney characters. We’ve bought a bunch of them to use as reinforcers when she successfully goes on the potty. She calls these items “toy”.

Recently she was requesting “toy” over and over again. We would tell her she needed to pre on potty and then she could pick one. Once she was finally successful, we showed her the box of toys and she just pushed it away and kept requesting “toy”. We quickly caught on that there was a specific one she had in mind and we didn’t have it. this went on for a few days.

I was sitting next to her one day as she was on the iPad watching silly YouTube videos of kids playing with toys. This video there was someone playing with a Princess Sophia (a Disney junior character) bath toy. Suddenly Courtney pointed to the toy and said “toy” and looked at me. That was the toy Courtney had been asking for!

Of course the toy was hard to find but eBay saved the day. Today Courtney finally got her “toy”. I think she was in shock!

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