Back to School letters to my girls…

Dear Courtney,

This week you are back to school. 3rd Grade! I can’t believe it. Where has the time gone? Wasn’t it only yesterday that you were in preschool? I will never forget when you started preschool several years back. I was so nervous.

How would you react to school?

Would the teachers know how to meet your needs?

Would the teachers keep you safe?

Would you make friends?

Of course, you quickly showed me I had nothing to worry about. Now here you are, going in to 3rd grade and you have done nothing but prove to us you can handle any challenge, which there have been several, thrown your way. For a little girl who needs consistency, you’ve shown us you can still persevere when the consistency isn’t there. You have gone through so many changes over the years.

4 teacher changes.

2 different schools.

4 changes in principals.

Changes in a district philosophy that put you in a blended preschool.

A new program.

And let’s not forget Covid!

Yes, you rocked each of those obstacles!

Oh Courtney, but wait, things are changing up on you again this year. When you go to school this week you will be greeted by another new principal, a new assistant principal, and another new teacher. But don’t you worry, Daddy and I have spoken up. We made sure that they knew that though you have shown you can get through changes, it is time to make sure you start getting some consistency.

We also made sure all these new people knew everything about you before you walk through those doors this week.

We told them about your headphones.

We told them about your struggles with bathrooms and water.

We told them about your love for animals and books.

We shared with them that sometimes your fingers forget they aren’t for pinching, your mouth is not for biting others and your nails are not for scratching.

We told them about your adorable giggle but also let them know to watch out for those pinching fingers as they enjoy the giggles.

Most importantly we told them that you are a smart and beautiful girl that is hard not to fall in love with the moment you meet her.

Oh Courtney, things may be different when you walk through those doors this week but one thing has remained consistent. Your daddy and I are behind you all the way. Cheering you on and loving you with all our heart!

Dear Alyssa,

Do you Remember when kindergarten ended and you cried for 3 days because you will no longer have that teacher? When Daddy and I told you recently that your kindergarten teacher was now teaching 1st grade and you would have her, I could hear you suddenly become anxiety free about starting 1st grade. Guess what? I had anxiety too about you starting first grade and that disappeared when I heard who your teacher was too.

You are such an incredible, smart, brave and beautiful little girl. I know last year was tough at times as your anxiety took over for a while. You powered through it like a champ. Don’t worry, I will still make sure you get all the support you need to make this a successful year too. Though your worries may big, your smile and love for life is bigger.

I also want you to know Daddy and I think you are an amazing sister. I’m sure it is not easy having to play the big sister role when you are the little sister. I know it is not an easy job, but no one else is as perfect for her as you.

So to my 1st grade, keep loving life, working hard and most of all keep being you! I love you to the moon and back.

Have a fantastic year girls!

Love, Mommy

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