Continued struggles…

At what point does “she’s adjusting” become “I think there’s a bigger issue”? How many weeks into the school year before we say something bigger is going on? How do you help a little girl who gets so anxious when you ask her why she is sad or nervous that all she can say, is “I don’t want to talk about it”?

I said to my older sister recently, “I can do autism. I know how to help someone with Autism. Anxiety? I can’t do anxiety. I don’t know how to help someone with anxiety.

It’s been over a month and Alyssa has done nothing but struggle at school. Daily reports of crying, anxious moments, refusing to let anyone help her calm down. It’s been heartbreaking to receive these updates.

504 plan has been put in place. Modifications and support are now a part of her day. Still the struggle continues. Today I channeled into my mama bear mode after getting some advice from others and called the school and made some requests that hopefully will help us dig deeper into what’s going on. Hopefully soon we can find the right supports that she needs to help 1st grade be as fun and successful as it should be.

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