“Pear Tree”

One of Courtney’s favorite songs is “12 Days of Christmas”. She has a few YouTube videos that she watches that plays the song. We have taught her how to ask for the videos but on her own she has decided to call it “Pear Tree”. Though very hard to understand it to most.

The other night the song came on the radio in the car. Her eyes lit up in amazement that it was playing in the car. We were just getting home when we heard it and she refused to get out of the car until it was over. It made my heart so happy to see her so happy.

Today we got in the car to head to my parent’s house. As I always do, I asked Alyssa if there was any music she wanted to hear. Well Courtney had a request this time. She suddenly said “Pear Tree”. Alyssa was excited for her too so sure enough we played it…twice!

Like the last time she heard it, her face lit up!

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