A new diagnosis…

Alyssa’s struggles at school this fall prompted us to have Alyssa further evaluated. My gut was telling me her struggles were more than just because of anxiety. My gut was telling me we were missing something. Though after we decided to have her evaluated, I wondered if I made the right decision.

What would a diagnosis give me?

Is it necessary to get one?

Is having a diagnosis bad?

Does it change anything?

I see a diagnosis as an answer. An answer to why certain behaviors are happening. An answer to why there are certain struggles. In regards to Alyssa, this explains so much of what was going on this fall. Why she would just shut down and completely refuse to work. It puts it all in perspective.

No, it is not always necessary BUT it can lead to help. Help getting more therapy, help getting support at school, help with how to handle situations at home.

Having a diagnosis shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing. I feel labels have become a bad thing because of the stigma that comes along with them. People with a disability, disorder or whatever should not be seen as any less of a person because they were given a label that helps give answers to why they are struggling with something.

Most importantly, a diagnosis changes nothing. Absolutely nothing. My brother, Alyssa’s godfather, said it perfectly, “that girl is such a bright light and no label changes that”.

Well, evaluation is done. We now have an understanding of why things have been difficult. We now have a diagnosis.

I’m not ready to share the “diagnosis” on my blog. Not because I’m ashamed or sad. I’m waiting to share because I want to share more with Alyssa first. I want her to understand what it all means. I want her to understand how it doesn’t change anything about her. I want her to understand how it can only help her. Most importantly I want to make sure she knows she is an amazing little girl and she has the ability to do great things!

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