A special outing….

This week Alyssa is Star of the Week. This involves her filling out an “All About Me” poster, sharing her favorite book and sharing a special item. One thing she had to put on the poster is 3 Cool facts about her. Cool fact number 1 “I have a helper dog who helps with my nerves”. She then asked if Bouncy could be the special item she shows the class. At first I said no but then she pleaded and reminded me how important he is to her.

So…Bouncy is going on a special outing tomorrow!

My girls both need lots of prepping when our schedule is different or when we do something new. So tonight, Alyssa was winding down for bed with Bouncy by her side and she asked me if she could tell Bouncy about the special activity he was doing tomorrow. I loved listening to her telling him about what was going to happen.

Thank you, Bouncy, for being such a positive addition to our family and coping tool for Alyssa. You may run on batteries but you are just as special as a real helper dog to my little girl!

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