I get nervous…

Sometimes I get nervous to try things.

Sometimes I worry about doing something different with them,.

Sometimes I worry about being out and about alone with the two of them.

Will Courtney decide she doesn’t want to do the activity? Will she decide to run off. Will she need a diaper change and refuse to go in the bathroom? Will she get frustrated and aggressive?

What about Alyssa? Will she get anxious about the new activity? Will she enjoy the new activity so much that she will throw a tantrum if we have to leave early because of Courtney? Who will watch Alyssa since I have to keep a close eye on Courtney’s every move?

But is it fair to my girls not to do things just because I’m nervous about the unknowns?

It’s a gloomy Saturday and joe is running errands that need to be done before we are away all Sunday. Alyssa has library books that need to be returned and new books to be picked out. It’s an activity her and I usually do every other Sunday but won’t be able to do tomorrow. So instead of venturing out and doing something fun, my nerves win and here we stay,

One thought on “I get nervous…

  1. Oh I have felt this way so many times throughout the years. My daughter is bigger than me now. I worry she will have a meltdown that I can’t handle. It’s scary sometimes.


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