Movie Night…

One thing I absolutely love about Courtney’s teacher is the life skills she makes sure to work. Sure, academics are important but at some point most of us parents who have children with very significant needs focus a little less on the academics and more on how to function in this world.

May sound silly but one life skill is enjoying a movie night with your family. Family time is so important and you hear families doing that all the time. We don’t. None. Not at home, not at the theater. I have 2 girls with short attention spans. Now Alyssa can if it’s a movie she really wants to see but I can’t sit and enjoy because I’m chasing the other one around.

Courtney’s class on Friday afternoons has movie time. The teacher puts a movie on and they work on just downtime after a long week. When she told the parents about this she said she had heard from so many parents that they would love their child to enjoy movie night with their family. So she’s working on it.

Savannah did a movie night with the girls last night. Of course Courtney showed no interest but she was excited to share pictures of the few moments she did venture over to see what they were watching.

I shared the picture with her teacher and her teacher was so excited to see it and share that she can now get Courtney to sit up to 20 minutes with the group to watch a movie! I’m thrilled! Life skills are so important!!!!

(By the way, I’m not going to go in to details, but please send positive vibes as issues about placement have come up and mama bear is not happy. I will leave it at that for now.)

One thought on “Movie Night…

  1. Great job, everyone! So proud of the girls for working towards movie night. And proud of Mama for realizing that truth. Learning to navigate this sensory-unfriendly world is a very important goal.


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