Special Needs x 2

Hello, I’m Erin and I’m a mom of two girls with special needs. There. I said it. I alluded to it back in January that we were given some answers to why Alyssa could possibly be struggling so much at school. Diagnosis? ADHD and Anxiety.

Why am I sharing this now?

Because this past week I have felt all the feels (stress, exhaustion, fear, etc) of being a mom of two children with special needs.

This past week my strength was tested.

This past week my patience was tested.

This past week was hard.

This past week I had to advocate hard for both girls.

This past week I had to be their voice.

Alyssa is struggling with anxiety and panic attacks that have left her unable to do activities she usually loves.

Courtney is doing better than she ever has but may have her world turn upside down going into the next school year.

This past week knocked me down but when it comes to my two girls, I will do nothing less than get right back up and fight for them.

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