That’s a wrap…

That’s a wrap. Goodbye, 1st and 3rd grade! Hello, 2nd and 4th grade!

I’ve shed a lot of tears the last few days. So many emotions as I try to wrap my head around how the year went.

So many words pop in my head as I go to describe the year. Words like.,,





More change




More emails

More emails

Course work

Late nights

No sleep

But then I remember to stop and recall the positives. And one word popped in my head.


I wasn’t sure if we would make it through the year. But we did because my girls are resilient. Sometimes more resilient than me. Watching them overcome obstacles such as changes in staff and severe anxiety throughout the year made me so proud to be their mom. My heart ached as they taught through those moments but because of their resilience, they got through them.

I shed tears as I watch Alyssa say goodbye to the teacher she had for 2 years.

I shed tears as we say goodbye to the school Courtney spent the last 4 years in.

I shed tears as I look ahead to so many unknowns for the next year.

I shed tears because we did it. We got through the year.

I shed tears because I’m the proudest mom of the bravest and strongest girls ever.

Courtney and Alyssa, you are rockstars and I couldn’t be prouder!

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