An Autism sucks moment…

If someone were to ask me what the hardest part of being an Autism mom was, I may just answer bathtime. Yep, bathtime. Not the fact that she takes forever to get to bed at night, not that she can’t communicate her wants and needs, etc. Bath time, I HATE BATHTIME! If you were to ask Courtney what the hardest part was of having Autism, I’m guessing she would say the same thing. It is very evident that she hates it. Honestly, you would think I was putting her through a torture chamber. It’s a sensory thing. She does not like the feeling of water. I’m sure it is almost like torture to her. I’m sure when I pour water on her it’s equivalent to me pouring pins and needles on her. That’s what Sensory Processing Disorder is. Their senses are just off. I hate that I have to put my daughter through torture a couple times a week. Yep, Bathtime is an “Autism sucks” moment.

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